Terms and conditions

Company information

Jidder AB- Singelblomman

Energivägen 3

29155 Arkelstorp


[email protected] 


We offer payment thru KLARNA and Paypal, they offer a safe and relieable service with a wide range of payment solutions.

Delivery/ Shipping

We send plants every week on monday-wednesday, priority to overseas orders for shipping on mondays. 

For Norway we currently ship once a month, you can always find the current date specified on our front page. 

During the cold months of the year its up to you to keep track of the weather and temperatures, we can ship with 40h, 72h or 120h heatpacks with your plant/plants. If you need your plants to be shipped with a heatpack you must buy a heatpack and make sure its added to the same order as the plant/plants you have bought in order for us to know it needs a heatpack.

If you for some reason want us to send your plant/plants on a specific date, contact us on email at [email protected] after you have made your order and we will arrange that. 

Most of our plants will be sent bare root in moss, all our plants will be washed before they get packed. 

All plants will be sent with a plant passport.

Shipping cost

We have a fixed price for shipping to all countries, 79kr within Sweden, 250kr for the rest of Europe and 450kr to Norway. If you want your order to be shipped with express, contact us after you have placed your order and we will offer you express options and what it will cost, send an email to [email protected].

Shipping to Norway

Shipping to Norway is being made once a month and this is how it works. All the plants that are going to Norway will be inspected and a photosanitairy document will be issued, then we send all the plants with express shipping to our contact in Norway, after arrival she will notify the arrival and wait for the plants to be released. When that is done she will forward the plants to the buyers. It is always possible to pick up the plants instead of them being sent. Our contact is found in ostlandet outside of Oslo (Tomter). If you want to collect your plant/plants in person, send an email to [email protected]. We take responsibility for the whole process of export/import and there will be no extra charges for you.


The plants listed in our shop is always uniqe and you always buy the exact plant that is shown in the pictures. Since its a living plant there could be changes to the plant from the time when we take the pictures to the time when it reaches you. Unless its a drastic change there will be no notification about it before it will be sent. If there by any chance will be a big change of the plant we will always contact you before the plant is being sent to offer you to withdraw the purchase.

Purchase on approval/ right to withdraw

According to law, buyers have no right to withdraw or purchase on approval of living plants. 


We dont leave any guaratees on plants unless they arrive in a condition that is not expected, damaged caused by unreasonable long time in transit, cold weather or damages caused by the shipping company are not part of our guarantees. However if your plant mail is damaged when you collect it you can report this with the shipping company used when you recieve it and a replacement plant or refund can be possible, contact us if this happens. If the plant arrives with you in a bad condition that are not caused by above mentioned reasons you must always contact us immidiatly in order to get a refund, voucher or a replacement plant, its always up to us if we offer a new plant or a refund, this is always based on if we have a similiar plant in stock or not. Even if our guaratee does not cover the damage we like to hear from you, many times we offer a solution to keep our customers satisfied and we always aim to keep high standards in both products and service. You reach us at [email protected]

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